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Flamingo Lake RV Resort

Listed in Northeast


3640 Newcomb Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA

Reviewed on February 11, 2007. #1 of 2 Reviews

I stayed in Flamingo for about a month. I found that there was a personal vendetta going on between manager and several families. We are aware that there were 20 families that were on a hit list. 5 of them were told to leave. They promptly were told to leave or else the law would take them out. These people are good people. This new manager has taken a good family styled park and turned it into a nightmare. . Please understand that this all happened since the new manager came in. I can't believe that the owners did not ask the other side of the story. They were told not to contact the owners because of serious reprecussions would result. I am glad that my family left before all this occured.
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