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Lake Huron Campground

Listed in Lower Michigan


2353 N. Lake Shore Road, Port Sanilac, MI 48419, USA

Reviewed on July 1, 2009. #1 of 6 Reviews

This park is a terrible waste of money. The first time we came out we had firewood delivered, pizza delivered, friendly staff and we had a pretty good time despite the fact that the campground is essentially a parking lot. Now, they have rude people driving around in trucks (he said he was a manager but I think he had been drinking), a half-a*$# recreation program, half the place is closed most of the time, no deliveries, higher prices and no one seemed to know who to talk to. We could not talk to the manager and security is non-existant. We were kept awake by noisy neighbors all night. For that much money you should expect a decent night sleep. And there is nothing to do in that area! I will never go back and hope you don't either.
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