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A 500 acre recreation and entertainment resort offering a variety of activities, including water slides, indoor heated pool, spa, steam and sauna room, clubhouse, dinner, dancing, sailing, fishing, miniature golf, game room, special events, music festivals and much, much more. Open May 1st through October 31st. Within a ten minute drive, there are four area golf courses, three shopping malls and The Ohio-Erie Canal Corridor with horse-drawn canal boat rides and walking trails.


Phone: 330-854-6691

Fax: 330-854- 679

Max Amps: 50

Latitude/Longitude: 40.857545 , -81.598630

Total Sites: 500

Camping Season: 5/1 thru 11/1


  • tenting
  • store
  • swimming pool
  • fishing
  • lp gas
  • modem connection
  • pullthrus
  • sewer hookups
  • laundry
  • other swimming
  • rentals
  • pets
  • cable tv
  • lodging
  • dump station
  • recreation hall
  • boating
  • group area
  • phone hookups
  • slideouts
  • wi-fi


From The North: From I-77 or I-76, Take Rt. 21 South to Rt. 93 offramp. Turn Right on Rt. 93, (Manchester Rd.) drive one mile. The RV entrance is on the left. For the main entrance, continue on Manchester Rd. 1/4 mile and turn left on Patterson St. Drive 1/4 mile to main gate on the left. From The South: From I-77, take Rt. 30 West. Take Rt. 30 West 10 miles to Rt. 21 North. Take Rt. 21 North to Rt. 93 offramp. Turn Left on Rt. 93, (Manchester Rd.) drive one mile. The RV entrance is on the left. For the main entrance, continue on Manchester Rd. 1/4 mile and turn left on Patterson St. Drive 1/4 mile to main gate on the left.

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Bad camping time.


November 10, 2011

Well from reading all these reviews about Clays Park all I can tell you fellow campers is believe what you must. I have traveled this country from the East coast to the West coast and stayed at many camp grounds (also stayed at Clays Park with some of my friends), and Clays Park is by far the biggest non-customer related park I have ever stayed in. I have written one review about this park already and now this one. I will list below some of the issues I ran into as well as some of the issues that some of the seasonal campers have told me about. I made allot of good friends at Clays and I am staying in contact with them to see how things turn out.

Item 1. Drinking in the park. I have seen reviews written here about drunken parties going on and drunken domestic issues in the park and that this is not the parks fault, because it is the just the type of people who camp here. Well, my turn on telling you on what I have seen. As stated before in my last review I saw owner of the park allowing underage drinking going on at the restaurant/bar. I have watch at the restaurant/bar/store beer being sold by underage employee to underage children. I have watch the local singer in the park (The Lou Man ) who is employed by Clays sit at the bar and get drunk of his butt all while he was sporting his Clays Park attire. Wow this is a really good thing to see. I seen in one of the articles where one of the people was complaining about some young boy working at the beach house and he was having a bad day. Well I got a chance to meet this boy working at the beach house also, and he looked to me like he also was having a bad day to, but when I got close enough to him and smelled he was not having a bad day he was drunk. Yahoo.
Item 2. Security in the park. Again here just what I saw and heard. Speed limit in park 5 mph. Security police in park driving anywhere from 5 mph to15 mph. Security makes up own rules in park as need be. Season campers talked with me about main security man Don. Don has issues on how to be addressing security problems with campers. He has a big problem using the F word allot to get his point across. Went to campers dance on Saturday night at pavilion. Had four security police there to watch everyone dance, wonder who was watching rest of park?????? After about midnight security no-where to be found, ---all in bed for the night. Seen one review where camper’s husband could not sleep and was up at the front gate talking with Scotty. This is kind of surprising considering every time that I came back into the park late at night Scotty was sleeping in guard house. This makes me feel safe… Heard also they allow a small boy at the beach just to walk out of the park. The boy was looking for his parents. The little boy was spotted by a local neighbor. The boy was walking down the middle of the road and the neighbor call the local police.
Item 3. Road conditions totally agree with one campers review. Park roads suck. Pot holes everywhere. Speed bumps in road high as Mount Everest. I left park with bent golf cart rim and blown tire. Clays Park should be renamed to Clays Hills and Valleys..
Item 4. Maintenance Issues. Where to start here. Heard about green pool water. Park blamed it on suntan oil. Please people what do the outdoor the pools do all summer long when people come to the pool covered with sun tan oil. Sound like just lack of pool daily maintenance. I would like to say when I was at Clays I got the chance of swimming at the indoor pool. Foot got stuck in floor drain in bottom of pool. Drain cover was broken off. Showers totally suck. When to use shower at back of park. That shower room has pull cord valve to operate. No cord to pull. Went up and jumped into pool to clean off. Electric in my part of park kept going off. Hottest days of summer and can’t have air condition, but got to drink some warm beer from the frig. No electric to keep beer cool.
Item 5. Park Management. Talked about this item once before. They have no clue on how to run a park. Had the opportunity to sit in on a season campers meeting about park problems. At this meeting was the owner of the park Peggy. The park manager I believe his name was Joe. A lady by the name of Regina was there, I think she was like the host of the park???? The seasonal campers were quite upset about issues in the park. They asked allot of questions and the park management team had no real solution to any of their questions. You know the biggest problem that was brought up in this meeting was communication. Go figure bad communication in the park, no wonder they could not answer any of the concerns the campers had. The Peggy lady did most of the talking here. She no clue on what was is going on here in the park by just from the way she was talking. Interesting thing I watched was Joe and Regina acting like two little kids in the class room passing notes. The reason I say this was that one of the campers was voicing their concern about an issue. Regina wrote a note and then passed it to Joe. Come to find out a bit later what the note said. “That’s the big mouth from the corner” Whow what a way of talking about your most valuable asset. Your customers.

Campers you have to make a choice to go somewhere and have fun. Clays Park is not the place. People of Clays sell the park and allow someone who know how to run it come in and fix it up.

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Have come here for multiple years to attend Yankee Peddler Festival and the park continues to go downhill. Will NEVER go back.


September 12, 2011

We purchased a Scout for the expressed purpose of taking it camping. Called the park ahead of time to make sure we could bring it and was told it would be "no problem". It wasn't a problem until security guard came knocking on our door at nearly 11PM to tell us we couldn't drive it because it was an ATV! We assumed we could straighten out the problem in the morning and thought we had with the manager only to receive a ticket from the security staff telling us we were going to be removed from the park. When my husband tried to straighten out the problem, he was told we were liars and trying to cause trouble when nothing could be further from the truth. We've taken this to other campgrounds with no problem. We didn't drive the Scout for the rest of the weekend, but got to enjoy the security guard driving by our RV a couple of times an hour for the rest of our stay. Of course, he wasn't around when teenagers were having "approved" golf cart races up and down the road at 11:30PM or the blaring music until 1AM or when the RV next to us let their dogs out unleashed or when a child obviously under 16 was driving a golf cart was chasing another kid on a bike or when a father and son on a Polaris (pretty sure that actually was an ATV) went buzzing around. We've gone to Clay's Park for many, many years to attend the Yankee Peddler Festival and it seems like there has been "something" on each trip. This is it for us and the park. We'll find another campground in the area!!

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