Niagara Woodland Campground

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  • 3435 New Rd., Ransomville, NY 14131, USA
  • (716) 791-3101

Large sites with trees, playground, adult and wading pools, pavilion, game room, free showers, 20 miles from Niagara Falls, 10 miles from Fort Niagara.

Phone: (716) 791-3101

Latitude/Longitude: 43.242206 , -78.858018


  • tenting
  • store
  • swimming pool
  • fishing
  • lp gas
  • modem connection
  • pullthrus
  • sewer hookups
  • laundry
  • other swimming
  • rentals
  • pets
  • cable tv
  • lodging
  • dump station
  • recreation hall
  • boating
  • group area
  • phone hookups
  • slideouts
  • wi-fi


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Bathroom Cleanliness:



September 11, 2011

I made arrangents to put my 5th wheel on one of their poolside sites a month in advance. When i got there the site was not ready due to sewage problems- so they put me on a woodside site I did not like at all and kept me there most of the summer. I made weekly trips to the office to ask what was taking so long and kept getting the runaround from the obese and obstinate Owners.
They also get frustrated with me for bothering them about it so they get increasingly beligerant with me.
In August I finally got moved onto the site I selected. (August). And what's worse is that they never really fixed the sewage problem and I had to endure many occasion of having sewage water running out alongside my camper.

On the site there were a couple of old satellite dishes which (The Owner Woofie) said were left behind by previous renters so I removed them. Why should I keep leftover satellite dishes on a property I am paying rent for if I can't use them?
Turns out that when Owners of other nearby units showed up that these dishes were theirs and they were still using them! They complained, management jumped on my case about it and denied telling me they were not in use and I ended up being told to get out!

(Would you pay to rent a campsite for the season knowing that satellite dishes planted on it were not yours to use?)

Management clearly jerked me around and then said anything they could to not appear responsible.

They are also loose with the rules. We had one occasion where someone's doberman attacked us and our dog when were were taking a walk arounf the campgound. Management did nothing about it.

Look, if you don't care about getting what you paid for and if you don't mind your safety being threatened and if you're cool with drunks and raw aewage- this campgound is right up your ally. Decent campers should avoid this place like the plague.

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DO NOT come here


September 4, 2011

This place is just god awful. we split a site with a family member for the weekend and we were allowed 6 adults per site. anyways me and my wife werent able to get up there till the next day due to work. so anyways when we get there, we asked to be let in so we can get to the site and the owner behind the desk said we had to pay a visitor fee. I tried to explain to her that we had already paid for the site and she didnt want to hear it. she refused to let us in! I started getting heated as i had no reason to give these people more money when i already have given them the fee for the site.
seeing that i was getting no where with this awfully rude owner, a family member of mine just gave in and paid the visitor fee. so already these owners milked us out of an additional fee for the site.
so we get to the site and my step kids come running up to me begging to come home. they were bored out of their minds. they said there were no activities or anything. this is a shame because i remember people telling me this campground had activities for the kids on the weekend.
then i took my 3yr old daughter to the wading pool and the pool was flithy! full of dirt and bugs, it was sickening. i wouldnt even let her go into that water. so we tried the playground nearby which was equally as bad. the slide didnt even have any "slide" left to it and the playground looks so old and unkept. so i have been here an entire 2 hours and i was hating every minute of it. i mean, my god, how can they let this place be so bad?!
i then went to use the bathroom and i had to walk right out. flith flith and more flith. i couldnt even breathe in there.
i went back to the site packed my stuff and the kids and we left. my whole family was thrilled to be leaving. it should be the opposite no?
so in conclusion please please please, dont go to this place. save ur money and take ur kids somewhere they will actually enjoy. Any good reviews this place gets has to be from the owners themselves, because any rational human being would be disgusted by what this place is.

Overall Cleanliness:
Pet Friendly:



September 23, 2010

With my rating im assuming 0 is for horrible and 10 is for awesome.

The owner seems to have a Nepolean Complex. People that have been camping there for YEARS have either been Kicked out or left due to the rudness and bad personality of the new owners. In the past 4 years the campground has gone from bad to worse. They used to have events for the kids and adults every weekend. The new owners are only interested in making a quick buck. Barley anything to do. If there is any room for complaint they simply kick you out. They have even had people arrested for being on the property when these people paid for the night. Simply put you'd be better off paying more to stay somewhere else. Not to mention they seem not to care that there is an entire campground and only one set of bathrooms. O and the weekend my family went my 2 young teen kids saw 2 teens having sex on the playground and a whole bunch smoking marajuana. Not at all good for kids to be around. Consider this your first warning

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Overall Cleanliness:
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Coming Back:Yes

I love this place


September 15, 2008

2008 was our third year at Niagara woodlands and we just love it here. The pool and grounds are clean the campers are friendly and the staff is wonderful.

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