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  • 2585 N 950 E, Churubusco, IN 46723, USA
  • 260-693-6465

Phone: 260-693-6465

Latitude/Longitude: 41.201375 , -85.309601


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June 24, 2008

To make a long story short, you better get the full agreement of your stay in writing and take digital photographs of everything you touch upon your arrival. Also, make sure you keep your receipt of your deposit and even its refund unless you like being crudely insulted.

Like anywhere you go, there were some issues. Frankly, some were small and others were huge issues but we overlooked them all and just let things be the whole time we were there. And that’s what stinks. While there, my wife, son, and I had some great experiences but the moment we got back to our home that all changed. The owner left us a very condemning and nasty voice mail full of accusation and demeaning comments all of which was unwarranted by the way.

Here are the details.

We rented the camper because we live 150+ miles away from where we took our son to a weeklong horse ranch, that lasted 8 hours a day, and needed a place to stay that we could cook because of food allergies.. My wife and I rode bikes and had picnics while our son was at camp and we usually did something “special” with my son afterward (swimming, go-carting, etc) and rarely got back to the camper before 8:00 pm and went to bed an hour or so later.

Major Problems

I’ll start with the voice mail since that is what bugs me the most now. The day we left (which if you read below was not the day we planned to leave but the owners had different plans) we cleaned the camper to the best we could with what we had. It was in better condition when we left then when we got there! (all but maybe a quick vacuum since we didn’t have one to use). You’ll see comments below stating the original condition upon our arrival. We even left a brand new grill cover, bleach spray, dish soap, toilet paper, and more as a courtesy. My wife even cleaned the refrigerator! I live almost 150 miles away and when we got home my wife got a voice mail from the owner. To paraphrase it said, ‘I see a got a rip in the bench seat there.’ ‘I thought I could trust you people!’ I called him back expecting a rational conversation but right off the bat I hear his wife say in the background “Oh yeah like they’re just now getting into town” and he tells me about what horrible people we are that we cut his seat on purpose. He said no one had been in that camper but the night before we left his wife told us he let their daughter in law and kids stay in there quite often, rolling her eyes. Then he asked me if I noticed a rip. I honestly do not remember a rip, but if you walked into a 15 year old camper you’ve never been into, would you notice a rip in the seat and think, “Oh my I better report this ASAP!”? My guess is no. He then went on to accuse my son of doing it. Yeah that teed me off a bit. I probably didn’t say the nicest things after that which I am not proud of. Yeah, my pride was a bit hurt but how unprofessional is it to call someone up, AFTER you gave them a deposit back and accuse them of things? I said this just because I was mad but I made the comment that his wife probably found it and that he was probably in trouble with her. Stumbling on his words he said “Don’t you worry about that.” Ok that wasn’t nice. Listen if I, my wife, or even my son did it, I would have owned up to it and not only mentioned it but made it right. To my knowledge, we did not do it and when we went to get the deposit back a couple of hours after we cleaned it in the morning and after dropping our son off he had all the windows and doors open in the camper suggesting he made a walk through of some sort. He gave the deposit back so what more can be said? I’m not sure but he made the effort to ruin our experience there anyway.

Secondly, there was more than just the phone call and insults that made the campground experience less than enjoyable. I found that they rented campers off their website and for the time we originally thought would need there, it would be cheaper to rent it for a week rather than per day. I called them about the campers and I mentioned to the owner we may only be there six days and the owner’s wife confirmed it would be cheaper. We rented it for the full week. We initially booked the small camper but when I arrived I told the owner that we’d be willing to pay for the bigger one and I double checked with him that the big one was available all week stating we’d be there from that day (Saturday) until the next Saturday and he confirmed its availability. On Thursday evening the owner’s wife informed us she had booked the camper we were in to be rented out on that Friday night because I said 6 weeks ago that we “might” only be there 6 days. I was very irritated but because I did not want to ruin our vacation with an argument, I made no fuss about it and we left a day early. Although I now know, I should have. Think about it, if you rented a car for a week and you told the car rental company you’d only need it for six days, they wouldn’t come banging on your door demanding the car back because the thought “you didn’t need it anyway.” They’d mark out that car as rented for the entire week no matter what. That is what should have happened here not to mention the fact I confirmed it was available for a full week the day I got there.

Moderate Concerns

Hot water heater’s pilot kept going out (which I kept lighting myself only because we usually got back in the park after 8:00 or 9:00 pm and I didn’t know if the owner would be sleeping.)

You could smell the propane burning from the water heater when it was windy. No Carbon Monoxide detectors available.

The water smelled like pure sulfur and tasted like iron. They did give us a gallon of store bought water though.

Camper smelled like urine. (We closed the bathroom and turned on the exhaust and it was better then.)

If you plan to leave at 7:00am, you had better get your deposit back the night before or early that morning or you will have to wait an hour or so for his return which doesn’t help if you have a tight schedule.

(Most of the following were not a big deal because we had told them we want the little camper and then chose the big one at the last minute. They said “All of our campers are immaculate!” but…)


It’s hard to get a hold of them by phone. I found out while I was there they ignored the phone ringing.

The camper had urine spots on the seat of the toilet

Stove needed cleaned.

Refrigerator smelled like mildew (not unusual though for something that sits sealed for an extended period)

The campground showers and toilets looked a bit gross and smelled a bit but I’ve seen way worse!


Provided lots of plates, cups, pots, pans, silverware etc.

Close to Fort Wayne but nice location out in the country.

Excellent fire wood quality

Fairly well maintained grounds

Now with all that said I don’t believe these folks are horrible. I’d understand being mad about finding a rip. Trust me I would! But first off, if it where my business and honestly I’m glad its not, I would have cut my losses and let it go especially if I already refunded the deposit. Secondly, if I felt it worth mentioning to the customer I would have approached it a whole lot different rather than insulting and accusing people. I also wouldn’t rent something out that someone already had rented.

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