RedRock RV & Camping Park

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Phone: (208) 558 - 7442

Other Phone: (800) 473 - 3762

Total Sites: 54

Camping Season: Fall , Spring , Summer


  • tenting
  • store
  • swimming pool
  • fishing
  • lp gas
  • modem connection
  • pullthrus
  • sewer hookups
  • laundry
  • other swimming
  • rentals
  • pets
  • cable tv
  • lodging
  • dump station
  • recreation hall
  • boating
  • group area
  • phone hookups
  • slideouts
  • wi-fi


Friday 04/20/2018 10%
Clear. Lows overnight in the upper 20s.
Saturday 04/21/2018 10%
Sunny skies. High around 55F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.
Sunday 04/22/2018 0%
Generally sunny. High 57F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.
Monday 04/23/2018 90%
A steady rain in the morning. Showers continuing in the afternoon. High 41F. Winds NNE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 90%. Rainfall around a quarter of an inch.
Tuesday 04/24/2018 0%
Sunny. High 52F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph.

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NOT kid friendly


August 19, 2010

First off we choose this campground due to its quiet and beautiful western views.... We had not made advance reservations for our stay in Yellowstone and suspected we would probably have to move a bit from campground to campground to accommodate our stay, however when I called Karen she had a site with "the best view in the house" available for our entire week stay. And that even though we were about 25 miles away from the West Entrance it was very worth the extra drive with the view, cost, and quietness of their location. We were ecstatic!

I have to mention that there was a time during that phone call that the owner mentioned their campground was retirement couple friendly.... this caught my attention and I immediately inquired if they are family friendly as well because I have several children ranging from 6-16. She quickly corrected herself and said OH YES we are very family friendly. So ok.... we paid for our entire week stay and were very excited we had base camp.

Our site was exactly as promised! The view was BEAUTIFUL. Mountains and valleys as far as the eye could see. The stars were bright and the sky was huge! It was real nice to get back from hiking and driving in Yellowstone to have a nice fire and relax. We had the end HUGE spot and were a good distance away from everyone else.

The campground itself was NOT kid friendly, yes they accept kids, but there were a ton of rules. Kids could only ride on a certain road... there was a code to the bathroom (which was at the furthest point away of our site), and their playground had only 1 pair of swing sets. It was 100% retirement couple friendly, which is great for them... but tell me the truth.

Our first two days there were fairly uneventful, of course we were not there very much as we were exploring in Yellowstone. There was a man, guessing he was the co owner (as he was the one that took us to our spot when we arrived), that was constantly riding his 4 wheeler around the park and almost seemed to be watching us, which was a little spooky.

Our third night coming back was when stuff started to get interesting. First as we were approaching the campground we can see our site, and we noticed a HUGE enclosed storage trailer RIGHT in front of our camper, totally blocking our beautiful view. What the heck? One of the most important reasons we came here was because of the view..... So hubby stopped to inquire... they said that one of their RVÂ’ers had been towing it and their campsite could not accommodate, so this was the only place for it. We explained that it was obstructing our view and that we were not exactly thrilled about it. They said "they would see what they could do". Not feeling satisfied we left and went back to our site. Once we got there and saw how big it was and totally in our view, we were even more discouraged, but for now, there was nothing we could do about it and went on with our evening.

At about 9pm, our oldest boys (16, 14, and 12) asked if they could take a shower and maybe make it a long one. We answered yes, as it was late and most of the campers were settling down, so there would not be a huge need for a hot shower by others, like there was in the morning hours. They went and were back within about 20 min. Not bad with the walk there and back, meant they were in the shower for about 10-15min. Our middle son came back last and explained that while he was in the shower another man opened the curtain on him and asked what he was doing in there and if he had had a long enough shower. Surprised to say the least, our son said that his brothers just finished and that he had just got in. About 5min after our middle son returned the owner Karen quickly pulled into our site at about 10pm. She told me that she was NOT thrilled with the way the boys left the shower room, that they left it flooded and there were paper towels everywhere and that if they did not come to clean and mop it up now, we would be asked to leave. She actually pointed a finger in my oldest sons face.

Now, I have 4 boys! I am not new at this. I know them and this was a surprise to me. They are very good boys and do not leave a mess behind. Knowing my husband and what he would expect out of the boys, I sent him up also to take a look and see what the problem was. Within 10min they were all back. My husband explained there were a few paper towels on the floor that appeared to have missed the garbage, and that the "flooding" was in the shower area and when you lifted up the rubber mate where the drain is.. there was standing water. Obviously there drain was plugged. Not our sons fault! Her outburst was totally not needed, was rude and without reason.

We decided to pack up camp and leave 4 days early. With our premium spot with a gorgeous view, now being obstructed with overflow vehicles parked and be stored in the way on our site, and our children having fingers pointed at them without a justified cause.... we were done.

On the way out we stopped to let them know we were leaving. She asked me if we did not feel comfortable staying here after last night. I told her with our site being used as overflow parking and having her confront our children the way she did and for the reason she gave... no I did not feel comfortable staying just to have another "reason" come about. She gave no response, apology, or reimbursement.

Beautiful view..... but unless you like cramped sites and 4 wheelers zooming about.... stay away, especially if you have children! We went to the KOA!

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