Campground Listings - Sunrise County

Anyone who really wants to escape the hassle of everyday life will find
the answer in Maine’s Sunrise County. So named because the sun
rises earlier here than at any other spot in the United States,
the region is virtually unspoiled and offers a glimpse of what
many people consider to be the "real Maine."  

County features hundreds of bays and inlets and it is here that Maine
truly displays its world famous "rock-bound coast."  
Nature is also allowed to take center stage here as
the land bears native wild blueberries (80 percent of the nation’s wild
blueberry crops are raised here) and virgin timber, and the earth sustains an
amazing range of wildlife, from moose and deer to eagles and puffins.Numerous quiet trails and tree-lined lanes often lead to unmatched ocean
views, and coastal communities such as Jonesport and Jonesboro offer
visitors the opportunity to visit typical fishing piers, nature preserves
and even a shellfish hatchery or two. 


is the commercial and historic hub of Washington County. It has also become
the wreathmaking center of Maine. It was here, near Fort O’Brien, that the first
naval battle of the Revolutionary War took place even before the Battle of Bunker
Hill in 1775. History
is really on display in this region. Micmac and Passamaquoddy
Indians still reside at Pleasant Point outside Eastport,
and the Roosevelt International Bridge connects
Lubec and Campobello Island, site of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s
summer home. Calais, the largest community in the region, was settled in 1770 and
is home to the St. Croix Island International Historic Site. There, in 1604,
Sieur de Mons and Samuel Champlain settled with about 80 others, making it the
first permanent French settlement in the New World. 

interesting point of interest is a granite monument on the road
between the coastal communities of Lubec and Eastport. Placed
at the site of the Reversing Falls Park by the National
Geographic Society, the monument marks the 45th parallel, the
exact midpoint between the equator and the North Pole.Best known for
its hunting and fishing (some of the best fishing holes in Maine are
accessible in this region), there is much to see and do during a stay in the
Sunrise County.

Region Information provided by The Maine Campground Owners Association

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