CAMPSIDE RECIPES: Cedar Plank Salmon with Dill Butter

Cedar Plank Salmon with Dill Butter

Ingredients needed:

4 8-ounce salmon filets (skinned and deboned)
Fresh or freeze dried dill
1/8 lb butter or half of a ΒΌ stick of butter

Equipment needed:

1 Cedar plank (Soak plank in water for at least one hour before cooking)
Heat source (fire pit with grate or grill)
Zip lock freezer bag


Season salmon filets with dill and place in freezer zip lock bag overnight in refrigerator or cooler. Once plank is soaked thoroughly, place salmon on cedar plank, add a tablespoon worth of butter to top of salmon and sprinkle more dill on top of fish if needed. Cook fish on cedar plank over fire until done. This should take 25-30 minutes. Temperature of fish needs to reach 145 degrees.

Chef Ron Loeber is a professional chef from upstate NY who loves camping and sharing his recipes with fellow campers.

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