About Us was created for campers like you, who want to find information about campgrounds around the United States. We offer campground information as well as reviews from campers who have actually experienced camping there. We are still adding more features and content to the site.

CampRate was created by a few good friends in their spare time. We are not a big corporation with lots of money, in fact we are the exact opposite, we are very small, but growing. Most of the money that it costs to run the site, (servers, bandwidth, programming, graphics, etc) comes out of our own pocket. We decided to provide this service after we realized there wasn’t one website that had all of the information that one would need when looking for a good campground. We like to camp and when we camp we like to try out different places, but as we get older we can’t camp as much as we used to, so when we do go camping we like to know that we picked a campground that will meet our needs. The last thing we want to have happen is that we spend our whole vacation at a campground that we aren’t happy with. I am sure others have the same worries as us. That is why we tried to make a place where you could go to find a great campground that meets your needs. Hopefully we will help make the whole process quicker, easier, and more enjoyable then before.

We are going to try to limit advertisements on as long as we can. But it costs money to do this sort of thing, and eventually we will need to add some advertisements to the website to help supplement the costs. If we do, you have our promise that we will make it so that they are not annoying (no popups or pop-unders), and they will not influence our ratings or reviews at all.

If you like our website, have any suggestions or comments, or if you have any issues let us know, we like to hear from our visitors and we will do our best to make this website the most it can be. If you have a website feel free to link to our site, if you link to our site, send us an email letting us know, so that we can check it out. Lastly, if you like the website, and you want it to be around in the future, please help us spread the word, tell your friends and family, write an article in a newsletter or a newspaper, the more people that visit the site, the better it will be.

Thank you,
The Team

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