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Salem Farms Campgrounds

Listed in New London County


39 Alexander Road, Salem, CT 06420, USA

Reviewed on June 19, 2012. #1 of 22 Reviews

I went to this campground because i have friends that are seasonal. The campground is nice, except unfair rules. Seems like all rules are not for everyone just certain people, the owner truly has favorites. #1 pet friendly? My friend has 2 loveable dogs, I camped with my dog as well the campground is pet friendly only if you keep your pet off all grass. there is a huge field but yoiur dog can't go near it. #2 Wood you have to buy your wood from the qwner. unless you are a special friend then you can bring in a truck load. #3 everything costs extra, if your kids want to attend a craft program to make a paper craft they charge $. movie night for kids but popcorn is not free. #4 womens bathroom doors do not lock. Mens have eye hooks. #5 owner strange fellow, sometimes friendly other times watch out! #6 my friend just emailed me every year owner puts on a july 4th display says this year he cannot afford to. wants campers to pay. note he gets $2500 or more from each camper that season there. #7 no sewer so they pump you out, don't forget to sign up or they will hit you with a big charge. STAY AWAY!
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