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Salem Farms Campgrounds

Listed in New London County


39 Alexander Road, Salem, CT 06420, USA

Reviewed on August 23, 2012. #1 of 22 Reviews

The reason I became seasonal was due to the fact everyone is friendly and there are rules. Being family run I believe it makes thing more personable than just a buisiness the owner operator and his family take pride in there facility. The seasonals and weekenders all intermingle there is no snobbyness. If you complain about the rules its because you dont follow them or havent been to a place that has them. The kids are safe and the owner and staff know exactly who belongs and who doesnt and I think that is the best thing for our childrens safety. Some people take offence when they are questioned or talked to but the bottom line is if you are respectful to everyone there is no issue and some people bitch about favoritism well there isnt but you need to understand wear friendship ends and business prevails if you cant handle both follow the rules and keep tp your self.
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