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Salem Farms Campgrounds

Listed in New London County


39 Alexander Road, Salem, CT 06420, USA

Reviewed on September 14, 2014. #1 of 22 Reviews

Rating a campground does not work. You see if you write a negative comment then the owner makes up a name logs in and makes the campground look perfect. It happens a lot. This family run campground may be that but friendly they are not. Owner is a jerk! He yells profanities at his own sons that work for him. his wife in office is the most unfriendly person I ever met at a campground check in. His daughter that was there is on a power trip. I went in to buy eggs, one was combing her long hair the other texting, sorry I was bothering them! place is not bad but with a family like this makes it worse. One son very nice, dark hair, facial hair. never spoke with other. I read the review from "fifthwheel Guy" I am convinced that it is the owner that wrote it! weirdest thing is that we hardly know him but he talks to us about personal stuff and makes remarks about his seasonal campers. If they only knew what he says about them. so much for honest reviews, I'm sure you will see a glowing review that contradicts this one because he will have a member of his family write it!!
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