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Kitchie Landing Resort

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4826 Kitchi Landing Lane NE, Blackduck, MN 56630, USA

Reviewed on August 8, 2007. #1 of 3 Reviews

My first trip to Kitchi Landing was in 1982 and my family has been going since! It is a great place to take your kids and mine love it! The cabins have great access to the lake and there is plenty to do! It is awesome to be on a smaller, less busy lake that is attached to a larger busier lake (Cass Lake). The cabins fill up fast so make sure to plan ahead! It is family run and you can feel that!! I had a friend go with me this year and she was so impressed that she is coming again next year and two more families are coming up with her and her family. It was too bad to see that someone else had a problem at Kitchi, in the 25 years that my family and I have been going none of us have had a problem with anything being taken out of our cabins. And it isn't an arm load a firewood it is a wheelbarrel full (honestly I have paid a LOT more for firewood at other isn't a bad deal). I adore the fact that the owners fill up our boat (gas) at night use to be a pain years ago when you had to make sure you had gas before heading out AND waiting for it. Plus so many serious fisherman (and women) head out at dawn and it is just nice to know you won't have to worry about having gas first thing in the morning. Take my word for it...Kitchi is a wonderful place! And the McKeeman's are wonderful people!
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