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Hickory Hollow Campground

Listed in Northern

(815) 667-4996

3029 road, Utica, IL 61373, USA

Reviewed on July 7, 2011. #1 of 3 Reviews

The park is nice, friendly staff, and clean. The section we stayed in was the K section. Anything ( sections k and j ), past the new bathouse has low voltage, because it was not designed for 30-50 amp rigs even though 30-50 is available. Those two sections were designed for pop ups and tent campers and then the park turned them into big rig sites with some pull throughs and back ins.But they didn't upgrade the power coming to those sections. No shade in this area and the power is low voltage. Several rigs at the end of our row couldn't run their air since the breaker kept tripping. We have a voltage booster, and even with only using 15 amps, my booster was on. Just beware, you will have power, but you may have problems and with low voltage you will lower the life of your microwave, air/heat, and your fridge. Unless we stay in the older section, we probably won't stay here again, even though it is a real nice park. They also need to plant more trees in this area, as there is no shade.
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