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Salem Farms Campgrounds

Listed in New London County


39 Alexander Road, Salem, CT 06420, USA

Reviewed on August 18, 2011. #1 of 22 Reviews

5 years ago the park was sold.90% of the seasonal campers were there for 7-10 years or more. The new owner has driven out all the seasonals that were there. Through camping shows and advertising he was able to refill most of the sites. The new campers soon find out that the owner is more of a dictator than a landlord. They leave after 1 or 2 seasons. As a business owner myself, we rate our overall performance on our ability to make a customer happy and rely on repeat business. This individual has a very poor record and continues to make his customers believe that he is doing them a favor by letting them camp on his dirt farm. All the staff is family and aside from his lovely wife, they are all as rude as he is. Too bad he ruined a place where people actually looked forward to going to.
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