Campground Listings - Aroostook (The County)

Northern Maine was made for outdoor enjoyment. Highlighted by a low rolling
countryside, Aroostook County offers more than 2,000 lakes, streams
and rivers, and plenty of opportunities for camping, hiking, biking,
golfing and
canoeing. Known simply to Mainers as "The County," it is larger
in area than the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.
Dotted with rolling farmlands that produce more than 40 million
bushels of potatoes each year, the countryside is covered each
July with white potato blossoms.  
Outdoor enthusiasts especially
love "The County" because it offers unlimited opportunities for hiking,
fishing, unrivaled canoe trips and whitewater rafting during spring runoff.

While Presque Isle and Caribou are the commercial
centers of "The County," much activity is centered in smaller towns
such as Fort Fairfield, which hosts the annual Potato Blossom Festival,
and New Sweden which celebrates its Swedish heritage with a traditional Sommerfest
each summer.   A highlight of the region is its strong Acadian heritage, especially
in the St. John Valley in Northern Aroostook County and local
voices carry a Francoise lilt, and menus in most restaurants highlight
several traditional French-based offerings.  
Another highlight
is the fact Fort Kent is best known as the northern end of Route 1, which
begins in Key West, Florida, and became a federal highway in 1926.  

Region Information provided by The Maine Campground Owners Association

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