Campground Listings - Katahdin & Moosehead

Two of Maine’s most spectacular natural assets are located
within the scenic Katahdin/Moosehead Region. The 40-mile long Moosehead Lake,
and the majestic and challenging mile-high Mt. Katahdin at Baxter
State Park
attract outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.  

one of the last real wilderness areas on the East Coast, the Katahdin/Moosehead
Region offers some of the finest camping, fishing, boating,
hiking and hunting
anywhere. Visitors to the area typically approach
the region with either Greenville or Millinocket as a take-off
point due to the region’s vastness and network of roads.  Part of
the region is accessible by paper company roads only and some roads are not
open during certain times of the year.  

Spectacular views and impressive
panoramas can be found throughout the region, but nothing is more awe-inspiring
than Baxter State Park. Left in perpetuity to the state by Gov. Percival
Baxter, the 200,000-acre forest preserve is a massive tract of land traversed
by remote hiking trails and dominated by Mt. Katahdin. The park is also
famous for its Maine wildlife – bears, moose, eagles and deer – and the fact
it marks the beginning of the 2,050-mile Appalachian Trail which extends
all the way to Georgia.  

Another must-see location is in nearby Brownville
Junction. Gulf Hagas, as it is known, is a 3-mile gorge often called
the "Grand Canyon of the East."
One of the major communities in this part of the region – Millinocket –
has a rich history of papermaking and lumbering and several museums allow
visitors to appreciate and understand that part of Maine’s history.  

Region Information provided by The Maine Campground Owners Association

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